From Below Podcast Episode 2: Means and Ends With Zoe Baker

This month From Below is back, bringing you an exciting discussion with author and historian Zoe Baker. Until recently, Zoe was perhaps best known for her YouTube channel where she produces well researched and accessible videos on anarchist theory and history under the moniker anarchopac.

From Below had Zoe on to discuss her new book Means and Ends: The Revolutionary Practice of Anarchism in Europe and the United States, out now from AK Press. The title is an overview of anarchist activity and thought in the period between 1868 and 1939. In it, Baker argues that while divergent on certain strategic and tactical questions, the broad sweep of anarchist theory and action during the period was undergirded by a particular theoretical framework. This “theory of practice”, as Baker refers to it, holds that through action people simultaneously change the world—i.e. material social relations—and themselves.

In their discussion, From Below hosts Robin and Cameron engage Zoe on topics from her book, political historiography, balancing roles as revolutionary and scholar, and public political education.

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