From Below Podcast Episode 3: Bringing Indigenous Revolution to Campus

From Below, the podcast of Black Rose/Rosa Negra, is back! This time with a recording of a discussion panel titled, Bringing Indigenous Revolution to Campus. This panel happened recently at the Stanford University Palestine solidarity encampment and was organized by members of the Bay Area Local of Black Rose, which includes some students and workers at the university.

The panel took place against the backdrop of a vibrant movement where students, workers, and others affiliated with universities across the country have been rapidly radicalizing as they confront the full weight of U.S. imperialism and its interests. Black Rose members who organized this panel and have been participating in this encampment saw an opportunity to intervene by answering urgent questions around imperialism, indigenous self determination, and national liberation struggles.

Panelists speaking in this recording include a Palestinian healthcare worker, a Mapuche healthcare worker, and a Kurdish graduate student. None of these panelists are members of Black Rose, and each presents different–and at times contradictory–perspectives on movement organizing.

The panel is moderated by two Stanford students: a Black Rose member and a member of the Latine student group Interwoven Liberations

We are sharing this recording with the hope that it will also prove useful for radicals around the country who are grappling with the pressing question of how to build a movement capable of meeting the moment, a movement capable of putting a stop to the genocidal war machine funded and sanctioned by the United States.

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