Pablo Vive! – The Pablo Barbanegra Reader

Illustration of Pablo

Illustration: natykosart

Pablo “Barbanegra” Avendaño – 1983-2018

On the evening of May 12th, 2018 – the day before Mother’s Day – our friend and comrade Pablo accepted a bike courier gig that would offer extra money for working in inclement weather at night – app based food delivery service Caviar. In the darkness and rain of that night his tire became lodged in a storm drain leading to the fatal accident which took his life. Pablo was 34 years old. He was full of life and love. He influenced and deeply touched the lives of so many. His many close friends, comrades, family members and loved ones will forever miss him, but carry him with them as they were all deeply influenced by his beautiful heart, mind and life.

Pablo was born and raised in Miami to working class Argentinian parents and the oldest of four brothers. He was a founding member of Miami Autonomy and Solidarity, a high school teacher and workplace organizer, and played an important role in the founding of Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation. Moving to Philadelphia in 2013 he participated in anti-police organizing and became a member of Philly Socialists.

Today, October 1st, 2018, would have been Pablo’s 35th birthday and in celebration of his work and ideas we are releasing “The Pablo Barbanegra Reader” of his political writings. We honor his life – taken too soon! – and ask you to consider how to live your life as truly as he did, driven from the deepest faith in and connections to a heart full of love and ideals of freedom, equality, solidarity and liberation.

Pablo Vive! Osito Vive!

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Drawing with words "Rest in Power Pablo." Pablo is drawn holding a banner with "No Good Cops in a Racist System."