Audio Bakunin: Revolutions Podcast on Mikhail Bakunin

One of the key early figures of anarchism, Russian revolutionary Mikhail Bakunin, is brought to life in two detailed and well researched episodes of Mike Duncan’s Revolutions Podcast. The series focuses on great revolutions of the modern era including the French, Haitian, American and Mexican revolutions, with the current focus on the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Episode 10.5: “The Adventures of Mikhail Bakunin

This episode covers the personal history and political trajectory of Bakunin as he began his political career in support of Slavic national liberation and between Siberian exile and traversing from country to country just ahead of authorities as he participated in various uprising, he came to the cause of socialism in joining the first International. While Bakunin largely agreed with Marx’s economic analysis, the two figures famously clashed over the question of political strategy.

Episode 10.6: “True Liberty, True Equality, and True Fraternity

The following episode details the emergence of Bakunin’s anarchist political philosophy, his critique of the state and capitalist system, and program for political action. A note on the term “anarcho-collectivism”: this is no longer in use today and is seen as a predecessor term for anarchist-communism.

For a written biography of Mikhail Bakunin, along with quotes and recommended readings we recommend “Mikhail Bakunin, 1814-1876: Biography, Readings and Quotes.”