Recording of First Event in the Organized Anarchism Discussion Series – Felipe Corrêa

by Black Rose / Rosa Negra – External Education Committee

Black Rose / Rosa Negra invited Brazilian anarchist theorist, educator, and militant Felipe Corrêa to inaugurate our discussion seres, Organized Anarchism: A Global Perspective. Corrêa chairs the Institute for Anarchist Theory and History, is the author of the forthcoming book ‘Freedom or Death: The Theory and Practice of Mikhail Bakunin’, and is a member of Organização Socialista Libertária (OSL).

On February 25th, Corrêa gave a live presentation on the history, theory, and practice of organizational dualism – a strategic orientation within the anarchist movement often referred to as ‘organized anarchism’. Nearly 600 registered and more than 325 attended the webinar event on the day of. Following the presentation, Corrêa and members of Black Rose / Rosa Negra answered questions from the audience.

We look forward to continuing to build momentum with this series, which will feature delegates from anarchist organizations around the globe that embrace the organizational dualist tradition.

Be on the lookout for a link to register for the next event in the series, set to take place in April!

Recording of February 25th Event

This recording includes the presentation made by Corrêa, but does not include the Q&A portion which was reserved for day of attendees.

Supplementary Readings

Below is a list of readings related to Felipe’s presentation. The PDF of Felipe’s slides is available upon request.

Works by Felipe in English:

Create a Strong People: Discussions on Popular Power

Bakunin, Malatesta, and the Platform Debate

Anarchist Theory and History in Global Perspective

Organizational Issues Within Anarchism

The Strategy of Especifismo: Interview with Juan Carlos Mechoso

Documents Referenced During Felipe’s Presentation:

Organizational Platform of the Libertarian Communists – Dielo Truda (1926)

Platform of the Federation of Anarchist Communists of Bulgaria – FAKB (1945)

COPEI: Commentary on Foquismo and Armed Struggle in Latin America – Anarchist Federation of Uruguay (1972)

Anarchist Communist: A Question of Class – Anarchist Communist Federation of Italy (2003)

Social Anarchism and Organization – Anarchist Federation of Rio de Janeiro (2008) 

Other Relevant Links:

Institute for Anarchist Theory and History (ITHA/IATH)

Pre-Order Felipe’s Forthcoming Book – ‘Freedom or Death: The Theory and Practice of Mikhail Bakunin’

Organização Socialista Libertária (OSL)

If you would like to read Corrêa’s works in English, we recommend: Create a Strong People – Discussions On Popular Power and Organizational Issues Within Anarchism.