Our Lives Are Essential, Capitalism Is Not

A joint statement on the current situation and capitalist back to work push.

By Coordinadora de las Américas

As the number of infected and deceased increases during this pandemic, we, the working class, continue to pay for the consequences of Capitalism, its ambition and maliciousness. Many governments have refused to enact total quarantines, and those who have, have established all sorts of tricks to ensure the normal functioning of trade and production, forcing us to risk dying from COVID-19, whether through work or hunger, without income or economic protection to face this crisis and provide for our families.

Likewise, we have witnessed the epic image that has been built around health workers, who are really risking their lives to save others, without adequate protection, sufficient personnel, and the equipment necessary to truly combat the pandemic. What they call heroism is precarity; appealing to heroic applause for those who should be able to serve safely. With horror we see how the police and repressive forces that circulate through the streets implementing control over people have these security elements financed by public spending. In other words, the priority is repression and control of the population, instead of taking care of and providing the essentials for life.

The working class has to participate in decision-making about this crisis, about who will pay for it, about what measures will be taken in the territories to deal with it, we cannot simply be spectators at this juncture. In turn, the call is to take care of ourselves, to unite in these times of estrangement, to express more solidarity and not let go. Only solidarity and mutual aid will allow us to resist.

Statement by Coordinadora de las Américas which includes Black Rose / Rosa Negra – Anarchist Federation (US), Solidaridad (Chile), and Acción Socialista Libertaria (Argentina).

#CapitalismIsThePandemic #OurLivesAreEssentialCapitalismIsNot

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