Coronavirus Sparks Wave of Walkouts and Wildcats

Coronavirus is sparking more than fear and rent strikes but also unleashing a wave of walkouts and shutdowns by workers – all around the country workers are confronting their bosses or walking off the job demanding protective equipment, to stop non-essential production, or demand wage increases where they are demeaned essential. Likely we will continue […]

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Coronavirus Stories: Crisis, Response, Resistance

We include here personal accounts from members and allies of Black Rose/Rosa Negra across the U.S. speaking on the direct impacts and responses to the coronavirus crisis underway. Some have been directly affected as healthcare workers, laid off service workers, or having to undergo self-quarantine. Others are on front the lines of the responses through […]

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Lifting the Mask of Capitalist Disaster: The Coronavirus Response

By Tariq Khan From official disregard and denial to mismanaged response, each day the COVID-19 crisis brings into ever sharpening clarity the hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of the current ruling class. Claims of American exceptionalism and greatness are revealed to be a crumbling mask for the systemic rot that pervades.  One does not have to […]

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