Event Announcement (Oakland, CA): Queer & Feminist Solidarity Against Crisis in Turkey

Join us on August 31st for ‘Queer & Feminist Solidarity Against Crisis in Turkey’ hosted by Tamarack Bar & Restaurant in Oakland, CA. This event is entirely free and will begin at 6:30 PM.

In times of atomization, repression and alienation, solidarity is the spark of hope. But how do we create the bonds of solidarity across struggles and identities to rebuild a broad revolutionary movement?

Editor, curator, and activist Aylime Aslı Demir from the Ankara-based LGBTI organization Kaos GL will discuss the experiences of queer and feminist social movements in Turkey and their efforts to create a solidarity of struggles amidst harsh repression, demoralization, and trauma.

Despite our unique contexts, this transnational conversation will generate important lessons with organizers in the Bay Area about how to confront our own challenges together, and create more space for solidarity and collaboration across social movements.

This event is being organized by the Bay Area Local of Black Rose / Rosa Negra. You can contact them by email: bayarea@blackrosefed.org