Event Announcement (Oakland, CA): Queer & Feminist Solidarity Against Crisis in Turkey

Join us on August 31st for ‘Queer & Feminist Solidarity Against Crisis in Turkey’ hosted by Tamarack Bar & Restaurant in Oakland, CA. This event is entirely free and will begin at 6:30 PM. In times of atomization, repression and alienation, solidarity is the spark of hope. But how do we create the bonds of […]

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Interview: Struggle Against Pension Reform in France

Black Rose / Rosa Negra (BRRN) Introduction This interview was conducted between our sibling organizations Die Plattform (Germany) and Union Communiste Libertaire (France). It focuses on the recent large-scale strikes of French workers starting in January 2023 which were organized in opposition to a proposed ‘reform’ of the country’s pension system—effectively raising the age of […]

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German Translation of General Strategy Section in Our Political Program ‘Turning the Tide’

Members of the German political education project, took it upon themselves to translate the general strategy section of our newly announced political program Turning the Tide: An Anarchist Program for Popular Power. We want to extend a warm thank you to these comrades for their work. In the spirit of internationalism, we look forward […]

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