Top 10 Films on Women Fighting Capitalism and Fascism

To commemorate March 8th, International Women’s Day, we compiled a list of the top ten films that feature women who challenged patriarchy and capitalism. Finding films with female leads that fit this criterion was difficult since the majority of biopics about individuals or movements revolved around a male revolutionary story line. Here are ten movies […]

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May Day Chants /// Consignas para el Primero de Mayo

¡No estamos todxs! ¡Faltan lxs presxs!   What’s the call? Free them all!   ¡Sin papeles! ¡Sin miedo!   Power to the people! No one is illegal!     ¡Lucha, sí! ¡Entrega, no! ¡Lucha, lucha lucha, si! ¡Entrega, entrega, entrega, no!   No Justice, No peace! Abolish the police!   ¡La migra o policía! ¡La […]

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