LIVE: Soundz of the South, Anarchist Hip-Hop from South Africa

This Saturday Black Rose/Rosa Negra is excited to premiere a performance by anarchist hip-hop group Soundz of the South from South Africa. As part of BRRN’s 7th National Convention (hosted online due to covid) the prerecorded performance will be broadcast live on our YouTube channel September 12, 2020 at 6-7:00pm Pacific Time / 8-9:00pm Central Time / 9-10:00pm Eastern Time.

Watch the video here

Soundz of the South is based in Cape Town, South Africa and describes themselves as an “anti-capitalist cultural resistance movement working with activists who use hip-hop and poetry to spread revolutionary messages, raise consciousness and critique neo-liberalism” and has longstanding connections with our comrade political organization, Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front. Their music can be found on Spotify, Bandcamp, and YouTube.

Below: Young, Black and UnFree is dedicated to “anti-racist organising, Cape Town to Minneapolis. Love and Solidarity to everyone resisting racism, fascism and state brutality. Forward to Peoples Power!”