International Workers’ Day

The Lives of Working People Are Worth More Than Profits

An International Worker’s Day statement by Black Rose/Rosa Negra and our comrades in Coordinadora de las Américas. Español Abajo We are experiencing this May 1 at a particular moment in history: the COVID-19 pandemic has made even more evident the global economic recession that emerged last year, deepening the consequences of capitalism, with the working […]

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The State of Labor: Beyond Unions, But Not Without Them

As working class and left movements the world over celebrate May 1st, International Workers Day, we offer our reflection on the current state of the U.S. labor movement – both our optimism around recent strikes and stressing the need to transform the labor movement towards its revolutionary potential. This document was produced by the Labor […]

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The Next 100 Days: May Day and Worker Resistance Under Trump

A May Day statement from Black Rose/Rosa Negra Labor Sector Committee Versión Español haga aqui. After a ruthless “first 100 days” of reaction from the Trump regime, including escalating attacks on immigrants, open season for capitalists, bombing campaigns, and the looming threat of a new “law and order,” we stand in solidarity with those taking […]

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