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Statement: Puerto Rican Feminists Demand Governor’s Resignation Due to Remarks

Introduction by Aurora Santiago-Ortiz La Colectiva Feminista en Construcción, referred to as “La Cole,” began in 2013 when feminist activists from the Puerto Rican student movement and other radical activist spaces decided to create an intentional space to address multiple and simultaneous oppressions affecting womxn and femmes. La Cole is an intersectional political organization, with […]

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Voces Libertarias: The Economic, Political and Social Discourse of Puerto Rican Anarchism, 1900 – 1917

Puerto Rico continues to remain a colonial territory of the United States since it’s military invasion and occupation in 1898 but the rich history of working class and left movements on the island are often little known within the US left. We are excited to publish this essay, which appears courtesy of Theory In Action […]

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