Absolute boy – The Youth Revolt that Led Corbyn to a Victory of Sorts

A radical left FiveThirtyEight style analysis of the election results looking at exit poll data on demographics and values by Andrew Flood of Worker’s Solidarity Movements (Ireland). You can also listen to an audio version of this piece. Highlights Key to the Labour Party upset is the youth vote supporting “caring and sharing” values and the role […]

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A Blueprint for a Party of an Old Type

“Blueprint for a New Party” recently published in Jacobin Magazine advocates a model of building a new left electoral party – but author Scott Jay argues it is strategy that leads to campaigning for Democrats and expanding the focus on electoralism rather than a path to strengthening social movements.   By Scott Jay   These […]

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Socialist Faces in High Places: Syriza’s Fall From Grace and the Elusive Electoral Road

By Enrique Guerrero-López and Adam Weaver, Truthout A note from the authors: “Socialist faces in high places” will be part of an ongoing series looking at the left in relation to the electoral path and state power. As various segments of the US radical left begin planting their flags in the electoral arena, Syriza’s recent fall […]

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