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  • Wendy’s Workers Strike for $15 and Union Rights!

    Wendy’s Workers Strike for $15 and Union Rights!

    On September 4th, 2014 Wendy’s workers in Rochester, NY were the first to bring the Fight for 15 to Rochester. Check out the video from the strike and rally here from our friends at Rochester Indymedia.

  • Fast Food Workers Rising!

    Stand Up, Fight Back! On September 4th, 2014, fast food workers in Rochester, NY joined thousands of workers in hundreds of cities worldwide in going on strike. Their demands: $15 an hour and the right to form a union. Workers, alongside Metro Justice members and other community allies, after months of grassroots organizing, were able…

  • Struggling to Win: Anarchists Building Popular Power in Chile

    Struggling to Win: Anarchists Building Popular Power in Chile

    On February 1st, 2014, the “Struggling to Win: Anarchists Building Popular Power” nationwide speaking tour came to Rochester. The tour was organized by the Black Rose Anarchist Federation and will ultimately stop in 25 cities around the United States. Watch the video of their stop in Rochester here! [youtube]

  • Video promotion for Chilean Anarchist Speaking Tour!

    As part of their upcoming speaking tour in the United States, anarchists in Chile put together this video, giving a shout out to the Black Rose Anarchist Federation! [youtube]

  • Songs of Freedom: The Music of James Connolly

    WHEN: Tuesday, Feb. 4th, 7pm WHERE: Rochester Regional Joint Board Union Hall, 750 East Ave, Rochester, NY Help spread the word on facebook! Songs of Freedom is a celebration of the life and work of James Connolly, the Irish labor organizer and revolutionary martyred by the British government for his role in one of the…

  • Elections and Movements for Change

    One of the critical debates in the left for generations has been the role of electoral politics. This has been a major dividing line in the activity of many different groups, and continues to this day. This panel discussion and dialogue will address the questions: Do elections help us build power in creating transformational change?…

  • Occupy Wall Street and Anarchism

    Occupy Wall Street and Anarchism

    [youtube] On September 29th, Rochester Red & Black hosted a discussion about the influences that Anarchist ideals had on the Occupy Wall Street Movement. The talk was led by two authors that have recently written on the subject, Mark Bray and Nathan Schneider. Writer Mark Bray is a former organizer and press liaison of…

  • Amended Resistance: Rejecting the Politics of Constitutional Defense

    As we remain reeling from tragedy after tragedy it has sent most blogs and social networking sites exploding with reactionary fervor as pundits and people make claims about the obvious need for gun control. This usually recalls several reactions from the right, and libertarian left for that matter, usually ranging from “don’t politicized this”(which is…

  • No Vote Counts: Avoiding the Trappings of Democratic Socialism

    While the debate rages about how anarchists should actually engage social movements, those who work in mass movements constantly butt up against the possibility of electoral work and the arguments for or against. The most recent polls lead this conversation to happen once again, with the opposing side taking on a broad democratic socialist perspective…

  • Occupy the Media: Revolutionary Anarchism

    Colin speaks with Occupy The Media about anarchism, organization, and what a revolutionary federation could look like. “The United States Government is now only able to advance legislation if it has enough corporate backers.  In April: Congress defeated a package of gun control laws which enjoyed sweeping popular support. At about the same time, that…