Feminist Frequency features The Revolutionary Life of Emma Goldman

By Tariq Khan, BRRN This short video on Emma Goldman is useful as an introduction, is well produced, is appealing, and will likely spark people’s interest in learning more about Emma Goldman. That last point alone makes it worthwhile. However, be aware that it waters Goldman down to make her palatable to a liberal feminist […]

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Breaking the Waves: Challenging the Liberal Tendency within Anarchist Feminism

The following article by two members of Black Rose/Rosa Negra appears in the recent issue of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory that we are republishing with thanks to the Institute For Anarchist Studies. You can support their work by purchasing your own copy of the journal, which includes many other articles around the theme of anarchist-feminisms from […]

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Confronting Vigilante Responses in Accountability Work: The Need for Accountability in Everything We Do

By Romina Akemi This piece was originally published in Perspectives issue #28 by the Institute for Anarchist Studies which is available for purchase from AK Press. On June 7,th 2014 multiple organizations in the Los Angeles-area hosted an event called “Transformative Justice: Our Movements and Our Struggle” at the Asian Americans Advancing Justice space in downtown Los […]

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Reflections on Anarcha-Feminism in Social Movements

A future anarcha-feminist listens to discussion on how she can build popular power in social movements that challange the racist patriarchal capitalist state

This past April the Miami local of Black Rose Anarchist Federation / Federación Anarquista Rosa Negra (BRRN) collaborated with two other autonomous South Florida groups, One Struggle and Florida Student Union, to present a discussion on anarcha-feminism at Florida International University. The event offered reflections from the first international Anarcha-Feminist Conference (AFem) in London which a […]

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Miami Anarcha-Feminist Event

Watch the teaser for the recording of Miami’s Anarcha-Feminist event which happened April 4th 2014 in Miami, FL. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xb6mEfJkFDA&hc_location=ufi[/youtube] The event and discussions offered reflections on the AFem 2014 conference, spoke on the current state of anarchism and feminism and started a dialogue about what this means for us and our work in building social […]

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Video: Reflections on International Feminism, & Social Movements

This event was hosted on February 7th, 2015, by the Los Angeles local of Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation on February 7th, 2015. Speakers: Lorenalia Mans, FOL (Frente de Organizaciones en Lucha) and ASL (Acción Socialista Libertaria), Argentina Inger Flem Soto, La Alzada, Acción Feminista Libertaria, Chile Romina Akemi, BRRN (Black Rose Anarchist Federation / […]

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