Albert Parsons: Anarchist and Labor Martyr in His Own Words

Introduction by José Antonio Gutiérrez Dantón As a tribute to one of the most remarkable agitators in labor history, we publish on May Day the autobiography of Albert Parsons. He was one of the five Chicago Anarchists who were tried in 1886-1887 and executed in November 1887 for their role as 8-hour working-day agitators and […]

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The Spanish Civil War: Anarchism in Action

A classic and detailed introduction to the role anarchism played in the Spanish Civil War and the anarchist revolution within the republican zone. Originally published by Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland). A glossary of political organization names and chronology of events can be found at the end.  Pamphlet Version  Introduction Much has been written about the Spanish […]

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Outline of US Labor History with a Focus on the Role of the Left

This draft document attempts to present a brief decade by decade outline of labor and the labor movement in the US with an emphasis on the role and relation of the left. First published in 2009.  By Adam Weaver Colonial Through Pre-Civil War Period Indentured servants, sailors and slaves organize minor labor protests and rebellions, […]

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