Instead of Impeachment: Indict the System

By Black Rose/Rosa Negra Social Media Team

Today the Democrats released their “Articles of Impeachment” to indict Trump, a narrow and legalistic critique of how Trump went outside of established norms to abuse his power and refuse to cooperate with the investigations of Congress. Completely left out, of course, is any larger critique of what’s wrong with our political and economic system: this is what we think needs to be talked about. 

Democrats have accused Trump of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Yet as the old anarchist adage “property is theft” reminds us, the worst crimes being committed today aren’t ones against the system, but are intrinsic to it. 

From the vast inequality of wealth and power, to the millions who struggle to pay rent, feed their children, or keep up with crippling debt, while they work for jobs that don’t provide enough and pay ever-increasing rent to blood sucking landlords. From American’s vast and systemic racial inequality and injustice to the millions of Black and brown people who are harassed, imprisoned, or killed by police every day. From the legacy of slavery to the colonial genocide of native peoples and interventions around the world. From the structures of patriarchy deeply embedded in society to the thousands of instances of femicide every year.

For the working class to win a better world we need strike votes more than impeachment votes. It’ll take more than a few days of deliberation in Washington, DC: it’ll take deliberation in our workplaces, schools, neighborhoods and communities in the months and years ahead. More than simply removing and replacing one set of elites with another, it’ll take removing and replacing capitalism and the state entirely.

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